Iron Team America

Iron Team America (ITA)

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ITA (National Tri-Athlete Games) is searching for the Ultimate "TEAM" for the Ultimate Weekend Tournament.  12 Players - 6 Games - 3 Sports - 1 Champion.  This is the ONLY tournament where you are guaranteed 6 Games in 3 different sports!

12-Man Roster

Basketball (5-on-5) - 2 Games

Softball - 2 Games (USSSA Rules)

Flag Football (8-Man Semi-Contact) - 2 Games (MCFFU Rules)

Who has the best team in America's "Big 3" Sports - Basketball, Softball and Flag Football?  This will be determined by the team that accumulates the most points in each sport (Others sports such as soccer are added based on region).

Teams will be grouped in pools based on region where they will compete in 2 games of each sport.  Each day, teams will be rotated into a different pool of teams.  The objective is to dominate the sport that you are strong in so that you may receive additional "blowout points".  Teams that are beaten by the "blowout margin" will lose points on their overall total points.  This forces teams to play hard from start to finish to maintain their point total.

A team can win the tournament without being dominate in all 3 sports.  If a team is strong in basketball and flag and are less competitive in softball, they can still win the tournament by maximizing their point total in basketball and flag!