The Metro Competitor is a national amateur sports association hosts national leagues, tournaments, and events to recreational departments, clubs, teams and players of all ages across the country.  From youth to adult, the Metro Competitor provides multiple opportunities to compete in state, regional and national tournaments, host events on structured circuits, support starting your own league, network with other amateur athletes and businesses and save on hundreds of national brands! 



The MCFFU is a National Flag Football Organization (USSSA affiliated) committed to the support and development of competitive flag football nationally.  The Union offers full coverage of flag football across the nation as well as a national circuit for all to join and has a presence in 32 states!  Each state has a MCFFU State Championship, access to a National Championship and for those looking for more, The Flag Football World Championships. 

The MCFFU offers all styles including: 9-Man, 8-Man, Screen, 7-Man, 6-Man, 5-Man, 4-Man, Women, Co-Ed and Youth with multiple competition levels: A, B, C and D to match any team of individual skill set.  If you are looking to start a league or host a tournament, the MCFFU has a simple "Turnkey System" (best in the business) that features state of the technology, equipment, uniforms, huge national database to promote and programs all designed to assist you with providing a quality product/service and generate additional revenue! 



The (ITA) IRON TEAM AMERICA: National Tri-Athlete Games are searching for the Ultimate Weekend Warriors for the Ultimate Weekend Tournament.  12 Players - 6 Games - 3 sports - 1 weekend - 1 Champion.  This is the ONLY tournament where you are guaranteed 6 Games in 3 different sports! 

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT! Imagine packing your bags to travel and not only taking your bat and glove, but your football cleats, basketall shoes or soccer gear!  Here you get to choose 12 teammates to compete in 3 sports in one weekend to see if you have the best "TEAM"!  Once your 12 teammates have been selected, there are no substitutes, meaning you have to build your team wisely to successfully compete in all three sports!  You can be strong in 2 sports and weak in 1 and still win the tournament based on Total Point Accumulation!  Sign up today for one in your area and get ready for not stop competition!


FLAG FANZ: The Flag Football Social Network

FLAG FANZ is a social network for flag football players to communicate freely about flag football, football or business related topics among their peers, as well as share their personal flag experiences with photos, videos, blogs or through their personal page.  Connecting with other flag football players and fanz, staying abreast of the happenings in the national flag football community, promoting your team, league, organization or event, recruiting (league, tournament or team); or simply networking with other flag football participants with similar business interests are just a few of the things FLAG FANZ can be utilized for.