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If your team is competing on the 2012-13 USA Flag Football Circuit hosted by the MCFFU & the USA Flag Football Circuit, you must submit a team roster before your team plays in it's first sanctioned event of the calendar year. THERE IS A $25 ANNUAL TEAM REGISTRATION FEE DUE UPON POSTING YOUR TEAMS ON-LINE ROSTER.

All roster information will be kept by the MCFFU Staff and will be retrievable and reviewable at any sanctioned tournament via the MCFFU website or e-mail...

Please complete the below on-line roster form to register your team to compete on the MCFFU USA Flag Football Circuit and/or events. All rosters will be submitted to the Tournament Director at any MCFFU sanctioned event. To officially make changes to your roster, you will have to submit the request to the MCFFU at Be sure to make note of the head coach and starting QB on roster. The roster limit is 25 players.

NOTE: Only registered Head Coaches are allowed to make roster changes and/or updates. All other requests will be denied.  Information submitted is for the MCFFU only and will NOT be forwarded out to anyone else or sold...

Franchise Player Rule:  If you wish to utilize the Franchise Player Rule, please do so by typing "franchise" behind the names of the players you would like franchised on your roster.  You can ONLY franchise 12 players.  View the Franchise Player rules and policies in the 9Man section of the website (HERE).

PLEASE INCLUDE: Player Name / Jersey Number / Email Address  Note: These three items are required for each player on roster.

Annual Roster Fee is $25

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